Markus Hedorfer, Alessandro Calzavara, ASSURB

The legislation on the European Taxonomy of Environmentally Sustainable Activities – set forth in Article 17 of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 – identifies criteria for determining how each economic activity contributes substantially to the protection of the ecosystem, without causing “significant harm” (Do No Significant Harm) to the six environmental objectives covered by the same Regulation. The DNSH principle was also placed at the basis of the NRP and the Next Generation EU, the measures put in place by the European Union to stimulate recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is terminology that has come into common use, but remains unfamiliar to most (including professionals who find themselves “implementing” the PNRR measures) in its application and philosophy. Therefore, it seems important to address this new issue in an operational way, so as to provide the technical and cultural tools to enable a proper administrative approach, in the full sense of the term, i.e., that of “administering” natural capital in transformative processes (in other words, “planning”).

Therefore, privileged actors of the introduced process are involved, so as to propose a process of empowerment in the specific field: its scope is not limited to the present contingency, dictated by the NRP agenda, but represents a different (broader and more correct) planning approach, which must become the “shared heritage” of all operators of land transformation/conformation. Obviously, such operators should include not only the “technical” figures but also the assumers of the “policies” that generate such transformations, which should necessarily confront (misused term) sustainability.

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Introduction by:
“Planning as Evaluation”
Markus Hedorfer, Dr. urb., ASSURB President


“NRP and DNHS: a strategy for the future”
Carmela Giannino, INU national board

“DNSH, this unknown.”
Pasquale De Toro, University of Naples Federico II

“Application of DNSH in the PNRR: lights and shadows”
Urbano Barelli, Lombardy Region project manager “Environmental assessments and authorisations” for the PNRR.

“DNSH technicalities: an empirical approach”
Gabriella Chiellino, President Environment

“Environmental assessments in the disciplinary approach”
Giuseppe De Luca, University of Florence

“Environmental assessments in the planning profession”
Luca Rampado, Dr. urb., Vice President ASSURB

Alessandro Calzavara, Dr. urb., ASSURB President 2010-2019