FS Sistemi Urbani

FS Sistemi Urbani is the lead company of the FS Italian Group’s new Urban Hub. Its mission is to enhance the urban regeneration potential of the Group’s real estate assets, including solutions of intermodality and first- and last-mile logistics in city areas.

Environmental, social and economic sustainability together with stakeholder involvement represent two of the main drivers of the projects carried out by the company, which over the years has interfaced with numerous parties operating within the sector and local authorities.

In 2019, FS Sistemi Urbani participated in UrbanPromo “Projects for the Country” edition held in Turin by presenting the outcomes of the “Rail City Lab” Workshop. The event was organized by FS Sistemi Urbani in collaboration with the City of Turin – and resulted in a crucial moment for the discussion of both ideas and objectives among local governments, stakeholders, academics, and citizens, regarding the urban regeneration of the approximately 500,000 square meters of disused railway areas.

In 2020, the “Rail City Lab” project won the Urbanistica Award within the category titled “Environmental, economic and social regeneration” as part of the competition held by the scientific journal of INU (National Institute of Urbanism) on the most appreciated projects at Urbanpromo, a national benchmarking event for urban regeneration projects organized by the INU and Urbit (Urbanistica Italiana Srl).

Today, FS Sistemi Urbani wants to take stock of the urban regeneration process initiated together with both the Municipality and the Region and share the actions to be put in place for future scenarios of regeneration and use, including temporary use, of disused railway areas intended to become new urban poles.

9:00 a.m. hall entrance

9:30 a.m. start of proceedings


Institutional greetings:

“The role of the new Urban Hub within the Italian FS Group”.
Umberto Lebruto, CEO FS Sistemi Urbani
Città di Torino

The Urban Pole: real estate projects in the North West
Regione Piemonte

“The Urban Pole and the strategic projects in the North West”.
Giuseppe Savoia, Head of the North West and Lombardy Area FS Sistemi Urbani

“The regeneration of Turin’s former railway areas: a focus on the Lingotto area”.
Alessandra Cautillo, Head of the Turin Project FS Sistemi Urbani

Round table: development prospects in Turin

Round table: urban regeneration projects in Italy


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