Carlo Alberto Barbieri, Carolina Giaimo, Gianni Biagi, INU – URBIT

The conference aims to analyze the state for synergy and possible criticalities between urban planning in force, or in the process of renewal, and the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in several Italian cities.

The resources that have been put into place by the NRP are indeed a strong incentive for the implementation of a General Urban Plan, but they can also represent a dissenting element in absence of a more appropriate and often necessary careful management of the Plan itself.

Through an initial assessment of the many opportunities promoted by the NRP for urban interventions, and a subsequent comparison of administrators from large, medium, and small cities across the peninsula, the conference aims to go through a critical analysis of the implementation-related clauses and their consistency with general planning.

9:00 a.m. hall entrance

9:30 a.m. start of proceedings


Coordination by:

Carlo Aberto Barbieri and Carolina Giaimo, INU

Introductory report by:

“The PNRR and general urban planning”.
Carolina Giaimo and Carlo Alberto Barbieri, INU – URBIT

Case studies:

Paolo Mazzoleni, Councillor for Urban Planning, City of Turin

Cecilia Del Re, Town Planning Councillor, City of Florence

Andrea Ragona, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Padua

Giancarlo Muzzarelli, Mayor of Modena

Dino Borri, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Brindisi

Massimiliano De Martin, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Venice

Maurizio Veloccia, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Rome

Conclusions by:

Gianni Biagi, URBIT President