The Technical – Scientific Commitee of Social Housing

The second session focuses on the models of urban regeneration that, having a foundational component in social housing, include the involvement of the community in the definition of interventions so as to make them adherent to the necessities of the territories they are applied in. These include models designed and applied by third sector entities, such as banking foundations and service management cooperatives.

2:00 p.m. hall entrance

2:30 p.m. start of proceedings


Introduces and moderates:
Chiara Lucchini, Torino Urban Lab


“Ma.Ri. House and Cascina Filanda: from Social Housing to Territorial Hub”.
By Compagnia di San Paolo
Guido Geninatti, Director of the social enterprise CoAbitare srl
Emanuele Ferragatta, President of Cooperativa Synergica s.c.s.
Nadia Caruso, Polytechnic of Turin – DIST

“Social Housing Stories: social assessment and urban quality to give voice to the inhabitants and enhance the energy of the community”,
Maurizio Bocconcino and Anna Rabbia, Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT

“Inhabiting the house and the city. Collaborative living extends to the neighbourhood. Two interventions in comparison: L’Innesto and Redo Mezzerate’
Giordana Ferri, Executive Director, Social Housing Foundation

Conclusions of the day:
Gianni Biagi, URBIT President, talks with Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slowfood, University of Pollenzo