The project is the result of a research agreement between ATER Umbria and the DAStU Department of the Politecnico di Milano and envisages the urban and environmental redevelopment of the San Valentino district in Terni. It foresees the enhancement of pedestrian and cycle paths, new planting and public spaces, the replacement of three uninhabited buildings (owned by the municipality but managed by ATER Umbria) and the renovation of other buildings. The part of new construction consists of an in-line body along Via San Lucio on the west side, and a compact body on the east side, both oriented with respect to the main alignments so as to generate a new sequence of public spaces for the neighbourhood. The ground floors are for public use, with some duplex home-work flats and premises for social and commercial activities. The underground car park has parking spaces in excess of the residential development (a total of 33 dwellings), to reduce the number of cars in the neighbourhood.