The lines of water as spaces for communication. The ancient ways of communication often followed streams of water and rivers to catch villages and fortifications, where the path of water became vertical instead of horizontal.
From this assumption, and through the realization of communications systems, for pedestrian, bicycle or both, we can create a system for the entire territory, using both material and immaterial infrastructure to give it a unity. The result would be a sort of metropolitan area, formed by sites unified by the thematic already thought, and by those that will have to grew on the traces done by the firsts.
The project consists in a path done in a reverse way, it starts from Riccione and go to San Marino and over. It starts where the lines of our water mix with the sea, using the entrance of the ex-marine colonies as entering Hub. From here, through interventions of naturalization of the Marano river, it will be possible to reach the Ex Polveriera, that will be able to hold didactic spaces about the theme of water, after a process of restoration; after that it will be possible to reach the hills of Coriano, where the theme will get in touch with the eno-gastronomic system.
Along the lines a system of qr-code, i-beacon associated with a Wireless connection, will assists the visitors with tips about interesting elements from a religious, naturalistic and historical point of view.
The form of territorial marketing should give life to a new way of facing the landscape and environment, natural and built up, trying to reach the beautiful and equilibrium that it is holding.