New life cycles for the city of Menfi

Project Description:

The project is characterized by an innovative approach to the regeneration of urban area focusing its relationships with the whole urban and environmental metabolism.
It addresses the urban-hyper metabolism themes, linking them to the new medium/small city challenge in proposing regeneration projects able to integrate the dimension of economic sustainability and the public-private partnership with the challenge for more creative, ecological and intelligent rur-urban areas.
The project includes the creation of an interface between the city and the rural system that configures a new rur-urban system characterised by the synergy between the parties and their different functional components.
Placed as a hinge between two different identities, cities and land, the Rur-urban Interface consists of several parts with many different functions (Sports Area, loisir, playground, camping area, sensory garden, educational garden, edible garden, agro-food, biological garden, composting center, event area, phytodepuration, marketplace). It takes the role of rur-urban gateway, engine of new activities to be replicated as opportunities for social, economic and urban regeneration in the whole city.
Through the urban regeneration actions planned, the entire project would have a decisive role in improving the quality of life, the urban environmental sustainability and the productive dynamism as well as in enhancing the cultural heritage and local production.

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