We want to reverse in a positive way a situation of territorial degradation, transforming the shantytown and the sadness of a reception centre for migrants, exploited in Capitanata’s agriculture, into a first level agro-food production area.

We transform the abandoned and worst used Mezzanone airport grounds into a territorial promise of relaunch, which connects the large area of Capitanata with the vast territorial resources, especially agricultural resources. We propose an industrial area, which fits into the ASI Industrial Development Plan of the Area, which, although dated, has constituted the prodrome of a great organic network of homogenizing territorial development.

The new Mezzanone Area is not a random one, but a focus of activation, making the Capitanata a great field of experimentation. It is a Local Agricultural Recovery Plan, reconstructing the entire agro-food chain, a Pilot Plan for a new AntiCovid Urban Planning, to experiment new concepts of environmental ecology and industrial landscape, maximizing the concept of general sustainability, alternative energy as a territorial conformative parameter. Symbol of redemption, a thematic area, integrated with the nearby city of Foggia and the large barycentric/territorial ASI-coronated industrial area, organizing a unitary scale of a territory, today disjointed, that uses a new territorial resource of the Capitanata, its vocation towards an expansive territorial Logistics.