The new urban planning tool for the Municipality of Modena is part of a changed regulatory, operational and cultural context. The new Emilia-Romagna Regional Law 24/2017 has opened the way for a new season for the government of the territory, based on the reduction of soil consumption, the promotion of urban regeneration, the fight against climate change and the defence against risks. Defining a plan with the new regulations is an important experimental opportunity for Modena, not only to renew the municipal equipment, but also to imagine the future of the city.

In the preliminary consultation, the Municipality presented the project for the WYP of Modena, starting from the strategic choices for the future of the city, articulated in different areas and scales of intervention:

  • the reference scenario with the 5 strategies declined in objectives, actions and guidelines that translate the idea of a city that guides the choices of the PUG: Modena City green, healthy and antifragile; Modena City global and interconnected junction; Modena City that enhances its landscapes; Modena City of opportunity and inclusive; Modena City of 38 regenerated districts;
  • the urban and territorial dimension declined in the 4 schemes of planning and functional systems that reduce the conditions and opportunities for operational choices with territorial value;
  • the local dimension that defines the indications for urban and ecological-environmental quality on the scale of proximity of the city districts.

The Strategy is conceived in the WYP of Modena as the main reference point for the transformations of the city and the territory, since it guarantees coherence between objectives, strategic choices and actions and guides the regulation of operational agreements and the discipline of direct transformations.