Integration with the regional soft mobility system through bike parks

The Regional Bicycle Mobility Plan for Sardinia is a strategic tool designed to increase bicycle use and trigger far-reaching regional development processes in a sustainable manner.
The bike parks are those areas where the regional cycle network integrates with local cycling (themed routes and routes drawing on cultural identity), walking (hiking trails, pilgrimage and historical walks) and other kinds of systems (tourist trains, horse trails, waterways), for the purpose of creating an environment for slow but active enjoyment, taking in the surroundings.
The integration between mobility systems is guaranteed by the creation of interconnecting cycling-hiking hubs across the network. These offer users services that enable them to switch to different modes of travel along a given route: hire of different means of transport depending on the characteristics of the route, bike-parking for cyclists who wish to proceed on foot, charging points for electric vehicles, bike repair points, rest areas and infopoints. etc.
These hubs (adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings or new, low environmental impact structures), form the backbone of a coordinated system of green, multimodal, widespread and interconnected routes.