In Milan, six new Social Housing interventions promoted by the closed multi-compartment fund called Fondo Immobiliare di Lombardia, managed by InvestiRE Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A., with the Social Housing Foundation (FHS) as Social Technical Advisor, are underway. The interventions are located in different areas of the city of Milan and include the construction of 2000 apartments, as well as Urban Local Services and commercial spaces, and are: Redo Milan, Urbana New Living, Quid Quintiliano District, Moneta, 5 Square and the project of via Novate.

As part of these interventions, FHS coordinates and leads the community start-up path that aims to design with the residents the use of common spaces and define the rules that will govern them. In order to do this, specific tools were designed to plan the activities; a platform to manage projects and facilitate communication between tenants; tutorials to effectively and quickly implement initiatives and to structure governance. An important innovation is part of this start-up process: the transformation of the Space H platform, a tool designed by FHS and provided to residents to facilitate the organization of activities and the self-management of common areas, in an enriched APP of new features

The application is developed by Planet Smart City and it will allow you to book spaces, to manage the agenda of services, to update on initiatives but also to monitor house consumption. A group of volunteers living in the Sustainable Village of Figino in Milan, tested the APP for a few months before being released on all the Social Housing interventions of FIL1.