Confcommercio has always encouraged us to reflect on the strategic role that the market services sector plays for the vitality of cities and the impacts of policies on the urban environment and the economic system. From this year, after the experimental phase, the Confederation project comes alive with one “Phase two”, inaugurated with the signing of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding for urban regeneration with the National Association of Italian Municipalities.
Starting from the results of the 2018 National Urban Regeneration Laboratory, released with the publication of the Good Practice Book, the project
it continues in a “multiplicative” way in merit, because under the new Protocol many other projects are born and can be born, and in the method, because it has a multilevel impact. In fact, the promotion of local agreements between the Confcommercio system network and the Public Administrations, the deepening of the latest generation regulatory framework in urban planning and trade and the monitoring of the impact of the regulations on the urban economic system, allow us to develop proposals and requests to the Government and European institutions for new policies to support cities that enhance trade as an integral part of urban development and identity.
We aim to strengthen private public partnerships, in Italy and in Europe, so that it is easier for them to intercept available resources, even those of cohesion policies, and “hook” them to urban regeneration projects to enhance the role of cities and urban economies .