Anna Rabbia, Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT
Iginio Rossi, INU – URBIT

The physical and social distancing measures with which we reacted to the first phase of the Covid emergency19, precisely for an almost generalized application to profoundly different territories and populations, have contributed to accentuating the inequalities in access to spaces and services by more fragile components of the population (elderly, children, lonely people and people with disabilities, poor, invisible, immigrants, …).
Dealing with the multiple inequalities that affect housing (home, work, services, …) and that the arrest of interpersonal and social relationships and practices imposed by the health emergency…


Iginio Rossi, Alessandro Bruni, INU – URBIT
in partnership with PREDIF – State representation platform for people with physical disabilities, Spain

The insufficient accessibility for all of our cities is worsening further as a result of the barriers produced by climate change that make, with abnormal temperatures and uncomfortable and tragic weather conditions, the development of the collective and individual life of people in particular referring to processes of aging, marginality and fragility of the population. Processes that, together with those deriving from the health emergency, assume more destabilizing roles and effects on the inclusion and accessibility of cities and…