Abitare is a community of over 6,000 members whose main purpose is the assignment of more than 2,600 housing units in three historic districts north of Milan.
It was born from the fusion of three Cooperatives born between the end of the 800 and the beginning of the twentieth century and represents one of the most important Cooperatives of Inhabitants of the Country.
For over ten years, managing numerous social rooms and a hundred commercial spaces, we have set ourselves the theme of integrating services that could respond to the multiple demands of our social body and of the territory where the Cooperative operates.
So many collaborations have been activated with entrepreneurial realities to satisfy the ever more articulated needs of families, especially elderly ones and those where frailty is present. Thus, a widespread network has been set up which, starting from the human capital of cooperation, has triggered housing services that involve hundreds of people. The concept of “habitation” is being transformed into the broader concept of “living”, thus putting the figure of the inhabitant at the center of the analysis.