The summaries of the results of the various conferences and seminars converge in the search for a holistic view of the innovations taking place in the planning, design and management of the urban environment.
The basic objective is to gather relevant information for a coherent evolution of state and regional regulations and the concrete planning and design activity, and therefore also of the training courses of professional figures functional to this.


Speech coordinator:
Stefano Stanghellini, INU – URBIT, Iuav University of Venice

Presentation of the results achieved in the seminars

Francesca Abastante, Polytechnic University of Turin
Andrea Arcidiacono, Polytechnic University of Milan, INU – URBIT
Gianni Biagi, INU – URBIT
Marta Bottero, Polytechnic University of Turin
Alessandro Bruni, INU – URBIT
Vittoria Crisostomi, INU – URBIT
Chiara D’Alpaos, University of Padua
Rosalba D’Onofrio, University of Camerino
Francesca De Lucia, Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale
Marta De Marchi, Iuav University of Venice
Laura Fregolent, Iuav University of Venice
Carlo Gasparrini, Unversity of Naples, INU – URBIT
Carolina Giaimo, Polytechnic University of Turin, INU – URBIT
Carmela Giannino, INU – URBIT
Carolina Innella, ENEA
Patrizia Lombardi, Polytechnic University of Turin
Giulia Lucertini, Iuav University of Venice
Diletta Marabini, Psychologist 
Filippo Magni, Iuav University of Venice
Francesco Musco, Iuav University of Venice, INU – URBIT
Ennio Nonni, Municipality of Faenza, INU – URBIT
Michela Pace, Iuav University of Venice
Rosario Pavia, INU – URBIT
Giovanni Pineschi, Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale
Laura Pogliani, Polytechnic University of Milan
Matelda Reho, Iuav University of Venice
Massimo Rossetti, Iuav University of Venice
Iginio Rossi, INU – URBIT
Francesco Sbetti, INU – URBIT
Simona Tondelli, University of Bologna, INU – URBIT
Maria Chiara Tosi, Iuav University of Venice
Antonio Trampus, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Angioletta Voghera, Polytechnic University of Turin, INU – URBIT
Luigi Zanin, Regione Veneto

Michele Talia, INU President