Gianni Biagi, Director of Urbit; Massimo Rossetti, Iuav University of Venice

Since its first edition, Urbanpromo Green has paid a lot of attention to wood and natural building materials which are establishing themselves as one of the most significant innovations in the field of building and urban design. Ancient materials, or manufacturing waste, which have been rediscovered, and sometimes discovered, as capable of significant technical performance.

The seminar will compare experts in the wood sector with extensive international experience who are carrying out important interventions in Italy and Australia, with experiences of recovery of rice processing waste for the production of building materials, also looking for possible synergies for a totally “bio” design and construction.

Furthermore, the seminar will also include interventions related to the development of an experimental project of temporary housing units which has reached the operational phase. These interventions intend to present the state of progress relating to the POR-FESR 2018 research “Study of innovative temporary wooden housing units for the hospitalization and accommodation of elderly people in the event of functional redevelopment of buildings used as retirement homes”, financed by the Region Veneto in the period September 2018 – September 2019 and aimed at designing a temporary housing system suitable for hosting non self-sufficient elderly in the case of interventions such as energy requalification, safety measures or refurbishment of nursing homes. The research continued in 2020 with the construction of the housing unit prototype, with the assessment of the reduction of environmental impacts and with the drafting of an intervention project in a case study in Treviso.
A vast and multifaceted study landscape that seeks to grasp the emerging innovations in the private sector and in that of public research.


Massimo Rossetti, Iuav University of Venice 

The scenario on the other side of the world. Wood Down Under – Wood as a building material in Australia
Paolo Lavisci, Program Development Manager, Mid-rise Construction at WoodSolutions – Melbourne

The case of Rovereto – Wood Way A new way to re-experience the city
Giulio Franceschini, Engineer

Rice-based materials for zero-impact architecture
Tiziana Monterisi, Architect – Ceo and co-founder of Rice House

The Minimum Environmental Criteria, the certification of materials and their real applicability
Pietro Novelli, C&PS Ecoaction Cultura and Progetto Sostenibili

Temporary wooden housing units for retirement homes: from prototype to construction
Francesca Camerin, Architect

Circular economy and end of reversible buildings life
Francesco Incelli, Civil engineer

Conclusion of the session:
Massimo Rossetti, Iuav University of Venice