Architectural and environmental redevelopment of disused industrial areas

Umbria Region presents the 4 winning projects of the regional theme Competition about the redevelopment of these brownfield sites, located into different municipalities in Umbria:

-area ex Valtrasimeno, in the Municipality of Castiglione del Lago (Pg)
-P.I.P. zone for productive settlements, in the Municipality of Cascia (Pg)
-brownfield site of Trasimeno Ovest street, in the Municipality of Perugia
-dismissed electrochemical plants in Papigno, in the Municipality of Terni.

Between the 40 project proposals that have been submitted, a winning project for each area has been awarded, an exhibition has been organised and also a publication has been made, that will be presented on this occasion. (download the publication)
The Region, with the law about the promotion of quality in the architectural design process, l.r. 10 Febbraio 2010, n. 6, wanted to start a process to improve the sensibility of the Public Administration and Institutions about the use of design competions and competitions of ideas, but also for the protection and advertisement of realised architectural contemporary projects of great quality.