Revitalization experiences and orientations towards Europe 2020

Creativity and innovation, cities and territories are the engines of the economy of the European Union and are the focus of the strategies the Commission has expected a specific support for cities and urban development ( the new Fesr Programme 2014-2020).

From here it follows the INDIS-Unioncamere, with Urbit-continuing the project path began in 2012 along with the Chambers of Commerce – through which deepen and demonstrate the vitality of the territories to adopt sustainable policies and new paradigms to enhance the productive capacity of enterprises and the overall quality of urban life.

The result is a cognitive framework of the wide variety of initiatives that the Chamber system dedicated to the themes of urban development, with a particular focus on business growth levers as, for example, the potential of e-commerce, or the new regeneration models implemented through synergistic networks of SMEs in trade and services.

The projects presented in this study, chosen from among the many initiatives that the Chambers of Commerce have reported, underline a design and realization voltage focused on new ways of promoting local development, use (and reuse) of territorial and cultural resources.

Urban redevelopment projects in which it takes the effort of a “trial” of intervention techniques, design of procedures, forms of political cooperation and social forces and involvement of public and private subjects.