Environment protection and urban regeneration

The new City Council has re-started the reasoning on urban planning, deciding to “Re-think Messina” following two guiding principles: coherence and sharing.

The new shared PRG (as General Urban Plan), called PiCo (as Shared Plan), has seen a listening phase toward all citizens and thematic labs coordinated by urbanlab messina and the LabProCom of University of Reggio Calabria. The target choosen is to bring the Integrated Actions, started before, and news to a comprehensive and strategic land governance view, which it can establish the non-negotiable values and the resulting develop guidelines.

We’re working for the construction of a new idea of city starting from protection of environment and landscape, applying innovative methods to represent hydrogeological risk based on ENEA’s studies, and from urban regeneration for the requalification of the existing city and the containment of the consumption/waste of the ground.
The necessary revision of previous operations undertaken is happening by checking their feasibility and consistency with the goals of the Administration.