ECO Courts

Ecological Courtyards: collaborative communities for conservation of resources

ECO Courts is a project to reduce the consumption of energy, water and waste in homes in a collaborative way, through the creation of a set of interactive tools for eco-efficient management by involving citizens. The project fits in the development of the sharing economy, and the logic of public-private partnerships. In four cooperative buildings of social housing shared actions have been implemented, guided by expert meetings and measured by the software HIVE: collecting cooking oils, batteries, medicines, toner and light bulbs, bike sharing, home water, sharing small appliances, lighting LED in public areas, room for the “do it yourself”, communal gym. Thanks to everyone involved (4 demonstration buildings, 15 communities, 5,400 people in the web community) ECO Courts has achieved these savings: 4,450,016 kWh of electricity, 337 453 m3 of water, 41 895 m3 of gas, 721 557 kg of waste and avoided to emit 2,579 tons of CO2.