The railway connecting Milano with Malpensa airport (Terminal 1) will be extended 3.6 km northward, enabling to reach Malpensa terminal T2 from Milano downtown in just 35’ avoiding present discomforts and time losses due to the connection by bus shuttle.
It has a capacity up to 8 train paths/h (over 250 trains/day). The new 400m long station enables also rail services operated by HS trains. The aim is to reach in the mid-term a 25% rail modal share to /from Malpensa.

The works represent the first phase of the link from Malpensa Airport to the North, that will be plugged onto the Simplon railway near Gallarate, in order to route cross-border services via Malpensa and to connect other cities of northern Lombardy with direct rail services.

FERROVIENORD acts as Project Coordinator through the subsidiary engineering company Nord_Ing srl.

• Line : Double tracks, 3.6 km long – 3.000 V cc – Elevation at 8-10 m below ground, in cut-and-cover (roofed for about 35%)
• T2 station: underground building equipped with 4 tracks and two 400 m long island platforms
• Costs :  115,0 million Euros
– Section 1 : station T2, built by SEA – Milan Airport System Operator (38,3 M€)
– Section 2 : railway line and rail equipment, delivered by FERROVIENORD (76,7 M€)
•  Funding :
– UE : 23,0 M Euro
– MIT (Ministry for Infrastructures and Transports) : 45,0 M Euro
– Regione Lombardia : 31,0 M. Euro
– SEA : 16,0 M. Euro