New Sport and Conference Facilities

The Gonzaga Institute, one of the oldest private schools in Milan, from its foundation in 1906, has always given great consideration to the needs of the students. The school structure has evolved over the years, acquiring new spaces for learning activities and sports. It is in this context that the design of the new wing inserts itself. Now, in the final phase of construction, it will offer a new sports centre and conference hall, large open spaces, and a multi-story car park. Facilities will be open to students and the city at large.

The courtyard is the heart of the school, the neuralgic centre, both physically and functional wise, around which revolves the scholastic organism. The new volumes overlook the courtyard and will complete the fourth side. A long narrow glass building contains the new distribution system thereby resolving the complex connections between the various functions. Finally, a translucent volume contains sports facilities, swimming pool and a sizable gym.