In 2008, the Municipality of Milan put out to tender eight areas of its property, granted in surface rights, to facilitate social housing construction.

Social, architectural and environmental quality and smart design were the privileged elements of the projects evaluation.
The cost of the designated areas for housing for rent is equal to 1 Euro.
The Cooperativa Solidarnosc of CCL (lead organization) and Cooperativa Edificatrice Ferruccio Degradi received the assignment of Via F.lli Zoia area.

The project was concretized in the construction of 3 buildings: 2 for the property and a third for covenant and social rental agreements; over 95 accommodations, 44 are designed for rent purpose (of which 16 ERP).

The cooperatives have access to regional funding SACC (Servizi abitativi a canone convenzionato – Housing services at covenant fees) for the covenant rental agreements, with a rent on 79€/m² per year (including parking lot) while, with regard to the social rent, the regional co-financing comes from a framework agreement between the Municipality and the Regional government. The average social rent is about 15€/ m² per year.

Through a competition (curated by social cooperative Noicoop) the cooperatives assigned Officine Creative spaces to the following subjects: a lutist, a group of women scenographers, an art gallerist and two architects also engaged in the design of a series of activities addressed to the inhabitants and the neighbourhood.

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