CIVITER- L’Italia di mezzo (Middle Italy)

An integrated territorial development project in the municipalities of Civitavecchia, Viterbo, Terni and Rieti.

The project, promoted by Terni’s City Council, grew from the bottom up, from the strategic planning processes undertaken by the four cities.
Through the strengthening of the connections and of the infrastructure system, as well as through the integrated development of resources and potentialities, to be gradually extended to other cities, the project means to strengthen the competitiveness of this territorial area and its ability to respond effectively to competitive challenges of markets.

Furthermore, establishing itself as a significant interlocutor for the Rome metropolitan area and the logistic corridor Civitavecchia-Ancona, CIVITER intends to activate a complex governance process that, starting from the existing integrations of functional links, coalitions of actors and political institutions, aims at: enhancing bottom-up planning initiatives; facilitating the creation of a common framework to manage collective problems, from smart city perspectives to local public services; supporting network policies; ensuring an increasing level of communication between the four cities and other local, national and European systems; facilitating integrated planning processes within 2014-2020 Cohesion policies, on an interregional level.

The work, started in 2012, developed through a series of meetings, which brought to some Guiding Acts and to a Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 21/05/2014 by three of the four municipalities. It has also been created a digital working platform, open to the four administrations.