Social HOUSING IN FAENZA – Urban regeneration of Modern buildings in “Via Fornarina”

An Italian example of a 70’s collective social housing becomes a field for experimentation in quality public transformations

Occupied by 88 persons and nicknamed ‘The Casbah’ by the locals, a public neighborhood-building with 55 disrupted units, beacon of those social building ideas of the 70’s, escaped demolition thanks to a €4.5 million urban regeneration project that has radically transformed the building, reducing it to 42 apartments on the ground floor for different activities, but keeping intact its architectural shape. The project entailed the relocation of residents, the implementation of a PRUACS and of a monitored working scheduled that will be completed in early 2015, just 4 years after the decision to rebuild the neighborhood.

These are the highlights of the project:

– Reduction of the number of apartments and increase of their average size
– Increasing energy efficiency by reducing CO2 emissions from 3,561 to 213 tons/year for domestic hot water and from 298,335 to 3,295 for electricity; thermal heating is also reduced by 81%
– Spaces of cohousing and integration of extra-residential functions to the ground floor.
– New strategies to elevate the perception of safety among residents.

The most innovative aspect that will give the building its true identity, is a great work of street art of 1000 sqm by a group of artists (Team Ginko) that is already part of the MAP, the open-air museum of the city of Faenza.