The “Territori Snodo 2” (PdT2), as a continuation of the Programme “Territori Snodo” by MIT, has been declined by the Abruzzo region as a “coherent and integrated system of interventions for the development of the region, in the context of territorial strategic platform Lazio -Abruzzo “, focusing its activities on inland areas, an issue that has a size that exceeds the administrative boundaries of the region.

The study classifies the region as part of the so-called macro-region “Median”, taken as a reference system for the regional socio-economic policies that affects the central area which covers the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, Umbria and Marche.
In the context of the macro-region “Median”, the overall objective of the project area has been to overcome the historical dualism between inland areas and coastal ones, identifying the quadrilateral Abruzzo Central (L’Aquila-Teramo-Carsoli/Avezzano – Sulmona/Castel di Sangro) as a hub for regional policies that involve the regions of central. In this context, it is read from the other components also the theme of sustainable cities for social ends through the consideration of social work in housing.

The Prospects of development of the project mainly concern two parallel lines: the completion of the development of inter-regional framework, as a system of agreements on projects Territory, in order to explore the feasibility of Macro-Region Median; The investigation of a local governance of projects relating to the Territory of Abruzzo Central Quadrangle modules through operational support to government.