In June 2015 will be born in Bologna Factory Garrett, the Center for knowledge and the culture of the “Marino Golinelli” Foundation.
Near the industrial area of approximately 3 hectares between via Emilia Ponente, Prati di Caprara and via Paolo Nanni Costa, occupied until 2008 by the company Foundries Sabiem and now abandoned, the factory Garrett is already rising thanks to a redevelopment that required an investment of about 10 million.

The factory Garrett, with spaces dedicated to children, young people and adults, will be the Center which includes educational activities, training, research, dissemination, promotion of Sciences and Visual Arts held by the “Marino Golinelli” Foundation.

Within existing industrial buildings, the Centre will be divided into pavilions and structures independent of each other, connected by a system of promenades and squares that reflect the configuration of the public space of the city.