In Bologna there are 29 hectares of vegetables gardens which: 16 acres of communal gardens, assigned to 2600 people, and 13 hectares of other types (vegetable gardens in schools, spontaneous, service charges, etc.).

With the international competition Ortipertutti the municipality of Bologna has chosen a project-a guide to creating urban gardens of small-medium in size within public green areas of different types (small plots between houses, gardens, rural areas).

The aim is to assist “traditional” vegetable garden forms of urban agriculture by a new generation more environmentally-oriented, design, and turned to new people who request it (youth, families).

The selected project, combining the agronomic criteria with the urban project, exceeds logic as paddock gardens and offers a facility able to arrange flexible, open spaces editable over time.

The first gardens of this type will be made any time soon, given the availability of resources already set aside by the municipality.