Laboratory Luino, promoting an urban design competition in two phases: the ideas and concepts, urban design

“…In Luino there is something inexpressible and spiritual that can not be clothed in words; is something more than the local color, is the mystery of attraction that makes you fall in love with a place that no one can give their reason”

Piero Chiara, Luino, “L’Avvenire del Verbano”, November 30, 1934

After the illusion of infinite growth in the construction industry today, every step, phase and episode involves asking why: the answer, generally, can not come from a single project, but by a system of projects, ideas and policies.

Coming from the north, crossed the Alps, Luino is the first Italian city on Lake Maggiore: if the casual nineteenth-century painting, reproduced on the cover, trying to attract the attention of the territory with the suggestion of improbable emotions Mediterranean, today the investment attractiveness for the urban transformations certainly it depends on the strategic positioning of Luino but also on the ability to express the vision to build the public city. The competition aims to combine the uniqueness of the beautiful scenery of the lake with the vital energies that Luino expressed in terms of social relations, the famous market town, urban security, rail infrastructure and potential for economic development of a city suspended between Italy and Switzerland, to offer participation and decision-maker scenarios and assumptions to go.

It is thought to processes of re-use, regeneration of the existing as well as new architecture conceived as fragile shape architectures will be hosting different functions over time.

The competition in two phases resulted in the compilation of rules to ensure ongoing compliance with the “deals” that you will want to give the public and private sectors to implement the program of urban regeneration.